We know what you men out there are thinking, "There's a chick in that pic! Chicks don't do construction!" That, or if you're a woman you may be thinking something a bit more romantic, or possibly making a comment about the wedding dress. Either way, you likely have a certain thought about us, and it's that very difference in mindsets that makes us a great fit for your projects.

As a husband and wife crew, we bring both the talent and resources of a conventional crew, but also add in a woman's intuition, design sense, and "girly" touch to ensure both parties get to see their dreams built to their expectations. Far too often your dreams are funneled through a mind that doesn't quite get you, but that's not a problem with CKZ.

If needed, we can bring in a larger crew, but we don't subcontract, so no worries on it being some third party. You can take comfort in knowing if we bring someone out to work on your project, we're behind their talent and skill 100 %.

And, in case you're wondering (ladies, we're talking to you), what can we say? Boy met girl, boy saw girl could carry shingles and sling a hammer, boy asked girl to work with him, girl lasted long days and didn't break a nail, boy asked girl to marry him.

Want to know more about us? Head over to the contact page and hit us up.

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