Most companies post their glamor shots showing them building some epic, mind-melting creation in a perfectly posed stance while rescuing a small distressed cat from a tree, without ever stopping to finish your beloved dream house. Us? Well, we decided just to show you a pic (to the left) of what we do; whatever it takes.

You know what you want, and we know how to make it a reality. And sometimes that reality doesn't come easily, but we don't shy away from any challenge, even if it means taking an extra long shower (or two) that night.

Our services are as varied as your imagination when it comes to home renovation. In fact, the more elaborate and varied the project, the more excited we are to take on the task. I'd say we salivate over it, but that's a little weird and we barely know each other, so we'll save that kind of candidness for our second our third conversation.

Have a project you've been thinking, hoping, and maybe even yearning to do, but haven't gotten around to it? Or maybe you just didn't know where to start? You can either keep putting it off like that weeding you've been meaning to do for the last three weekends, or allow us to do what we do, build stuff. Namely, dreams.

Give us a call, shoot us an email, or even request a mailing address if you are still in love with the good 'ol postal service. We'll answer promptly, and happily assist you in any way we can in the only way we know how; with quality construction done right.

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